BitQuit is a smart smoking abatement tool that was created during a class called “Lean and Agile Product Development.” The theme for the class was IoT and it was taught by a professor from the Biomedical Engineering department. The case communicates with a smartphone app (we used the Android platform) and provides the user with feedback based on how many cigarettes were removed from the case over periods of interest. The app can also be used to control when the case can be open, how often, and for how long. The case is about the same size as a standard cigarette case but houses half the number of cigarettes in order to fit a nano servo, latch mechanism, Adafruit 32u4 Bluefruit LE microcontroller, small LiPo battery, reed switch, and a magnet to ensure the lid closes completely. This gallery shows some of the progress.

Our team created several iterations throughout the semester, each time adding some features and refining the product vision. One of the biggest challenges outside of learning the android platform, was figuring out how to robustly register the presence of a cigarette in a case. The ideas that first came to mind involved placing a button somewhere above or below the cigarettes, or somehow dispensing them one-at-a-time. I thought a better solution might be to integrate a thin flexible flap into the side of the housing for each cigarette that, upon removal, opened a switch in a voltage divider circuit. This turned out to be a solid design that required minimal space and allowed us to start working on the code. Below is the first proof of concept prototype.

Here is our final video demonstrating to the class that we had included the features requested by the professor after he had seen a previous iteration. We can see the reed switch accurately registering lid closure and the cigarette slot switches registering the the cigarettes being inserted and removed. The small latch was machined out of steel and the rest of the case was 3D printed. The case is charged via micro usb port on the side.